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When watermelon is in abundance, this is a great way to use it.

Bobby Flay purees seedless watermelon chunks, then strains the juice through a sieve and mixes it with silver tequila, sugar syrup, blueberries, mint and fresh lime juice.

GO TO RECIPEThis sweet-tart concoction is based on the classic Singapore sling, replacing the traditional cherry brandy with an intensely vibrant homemade sour-cherry syrup.

With a squirt of sparkling water, the syrup also makes a great base for kid-friendly cherry soda.

GO TO RECIPESangria, a Spanish variation on traditional punch composed of wine, fruit and brandy, was formally introduced to America at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City.

This seasonal version uses vodka instead of brandy.

GO TO RECIPEStrawberries sweeten these mojitos from Joaquin Simo.

“This is a great drink when you’re in the mood for something fruity,” says Simo.

Use a molasses-based rum (like white Brugal) for a smoother drink, or a sugarcane-based rum (such as white Barbancourt) for a drier cocktail.

GO TO RECIPEMaster bartender Wayne Collins prefers using premium, naturally sweetened tonic water (sometimes called Indian tonic water) in this punch.

Q Tonic, made with agave nectar, and Fever-Tree, sweetened with cane sugar, are both excellent brands.

GO TO RECIPEChef James Holmes topped raw oysters with this sweet-savory sorbet before deciding it would make an excellent cocktail with Prosecco.